PhotoRocket 0.10.157

Instantly send photos to Facebook and more


  • Sends photos directly to social networking sites
  • No resolution limit
  • Compile a list of regular contacts
  • Imports from iPhoto and Photo Booth


  • PhotoRocket may use your photos for commercial use

Not bad

PhotoRocket is a simple application that allows you to send photos to social networking sites from your Mac or iPhone.

For example, PhotoRocket can import photos from iPhoto or Photo Booth and send them directly to Facebook, Flickr, Google or Shutterfly. If you create a PhotoRocket account, you can also upload images directly to your web gallery and share them with others instantly. Alternatively, just drag photos to PhotoRocket in your Dock and it will instantly upload them ready for sharing.

One good thing about PhotoRocket is that there are no limits on the resolution of images. However, one rather concerning aspect is that the terms and conditions seem to state that you may lose copyright control of your images once they are uploaded.

Those who don't want to see their images stockpiled in a photo archive for commercial use by PhotoRocket may therefore prefer to send their images by more traditional methods such as email or uploading them directly to their favorite social networking sites.

PhotoRocket is a simple application that offers easy, resolution-unlimited photo sharing but may pose some copyright issues for some.

Fixes Mac OS 10.5 sign up/sign in bug


  • Fixes Mac OS 10.5 sign up/sign in bug


PhotoRocket 0.10.157

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